The How-to on Setting Up a Home Theatre Sound System

Trying to set up your sound system at home, but have several components to set up with the entire system? No fret. There is an easy way to set your home theatre sound system up for success.

First of all, there is a long list of components that you’ll need to get started. These include everything beginning with a home theatre receiver, to an antenna or some satellite box, a tv projector, a disc player (Primarily for DVD’s and CD’s), loudspeakers, a wire stripper and a sound meter to name but a few.

In most cases, you won’t even need all of these components to set up a simple home theatre sound system. It all depends on how big the sound system is and the requirements thereof.

Establish a home theatre connection

Since the goal is to send the audio signal from the TV to your speakers, you’ll have to establish a connection.

Connecting the sound system to the TV includes your TV, an AV receiver, a disc player of some sort, as well as up to five speakers and a subwoofer.

Since the receiver is the main connectivity point and the audio decoding, processing, as well as the amplification that activates your speakers, you’ll be able to set the connection up quite easily.

How to send video from your home theatre receiver to your TV

The first thing you need to do is connect the TV HDMI output (the AV receiver) to a video input (HDMI on your TV). By doing this, you’ll be able to view any video from the relevant video source devices from your theatre receiver to your screen.

How to send audio from your TV to the theatre system

To receive sound from your TV audio output to your theatre system is connect all outputs to either the TV or Aux audio input. It is generally located on the AV receiver.

If, however, you choose to watch TV by using an antenna, you can connect the antenna and TV directly with one another. When using a Smart TV, you only have to be connected to the internet. Upon receiving programming through either a satellite box or cable, you can also connect the cable to your box.