How to Realign Your DSTV Satellite

While it’s easy to sit back and watch a professional fix your DSTV satellite dish, there is a way to do it successfully and by yourself too.

The problem with getting a DSTV technician to fix your DSTV every time it presents you with an issue is the fact that you have to pay for it every time, which can get quite pricey.

While learning to fix your satellite dish will save you money, it will also teach you a new skill, which might seem useless at first, but fixing it yourself and being educated about it will also allow for more convenience. Fixing anything by yourself allows for greater reliability, which means you’ll know whether the job was done well or not.

Realigning a DSTV satellite dish involves correcting the angle of the dish or the azimuth. In fact, you don’t even need a meter as many DSTV provides claim you should, all you need is a receiver, a TV and someone to help you monitor the signal while you’re fixing the satellite dish.

Steps to realigning your satellite dish

Step 1: Choose a proper location for the satellite dish when performing a physical installation, which will either be mounting it on a side wall or your roof. When choosing where to place it, one must ensure that the dish is located towards the south, without anything in front of it.

Step 2: Place the cable length-ways from the dish, running towards your living room. After connecting it to your receiver, you must turn on both the TV and the receiver.

Step 3: Access ‘’setup’’ mode to navigate through the options of your menu to find the signal strength on your screen.

Step 4: Have someone stationed in front of the TV to communicate whether the dish alignment is corresponding with the receiver and TV’s signal.

Ensure the correct elevation, as well as azimuth settings for your satellite dish via your DSTV’s provider’s website.

Continue to align your dish until it provides your TV with a proper signal.

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