How to Re-peak a DIRECTV Satellite Dish for Increased Signal

Are you having trouble finding a satellite broadcast signal? Perhaps this could be due to a disposition of your satellite that you need to adjust or rather, fine tune, to broadcast a signal for your TV to work properly, to begin with.

One must always be informed about safety instructions before attempting to fix your satellite dish, to begin with. Don’t re-adjust it unless you’ve read the safety instructions either in your DIRECTV website or its receiver box.


  • Television
  • DIRECTV receiver
  • Compass
  • Ladder (Tall enough to be able to reach your satellite dish)
  • A 7-inch magnetic bubble level
  • A 7/12 or 7/16-inch crescent wrench

3 Steps to Re-Peak a DIRECTV Satellite Dish

  1. Re-set the DIRECTV receiver.
  2. Re-Peak the satellite dish on the roof/ wall.
  3. Re-secure your satellite dish.

Step 1: Re-set your receiver

Go to the search for satellite message option on your TV screen and follow with disconnecting the power cord from the DIRECTV receiver. Wait 30 seconds before you reconnect the power cord to the receiver. Upon returning for the satellite message, re-peak the satellite dish after adjusting the elevation and azimuth settings.

Step 2: Re-peak your satellite dish

Before getting to your satellite dish, go to the signal meter menu, located in the Settings or Help list on the receiver. It will enable you to now use the signal meter to monitor the broadcast signal for your satellite dish.

After this step, re-position the television and monitor it while you/ somebody else re-peak the satellite dish. You’ll need someone to monitor the signal to know whether you’re re-peaking the dish correctly.

Upon re-peaking your dish, you should check that the mast is at its required level, adjust the azimuth and adjust the elevation of the satellite dish.

Step 3: Re-secure the satellite dish

After adjusting the azimuth, as well as the elevation, you must confirm that the support sleeve, elevation bolts and nuts are all tightened.

After which you’ll have to confirm the signal meter of the Dish Pointing menu to check whether the broadcast signal is at the highest level.