How to Mount an LCD TV to a Wall with Brackets

LCD screens have become more and more popular with the passing of the last two decades. It is a lot more convenient than a traditional TV, allows for better quality and also, takes up a lot less space.

Over the years, it has been modified and upgraded to obtain optimal perfection. To make things even more convenient, people have also started mounting LCD screens onto their walls. Not only is it easy to do so, but it’s also inexpensive.

How to mount an LCD TV to a wall by using brackets for your flat screen

If you’re using brackets to mount your flat screen onto the wall, the first thing you should have is brackets that is perfectly sized to hold your TV, which can be found at any electronics retailer.

Once you’ve obtained the proper brackets, you have to remove the base of the TV, if it has one. The next thing you should do is put the TV face-down on a soft surface to protect it.

You now have to locate the four holes behind the TV, which are the points that you have to connect the brackets to be able to mount the TV to the wall.

If the holes have screws, you can remove it if necessary, which after you will have to mount the brackets onto the TV, aligning it I the required mounting direction.

Using a screwdriver, tighten all the bolts and once the bracket is stable, you’re all set to enjoy your LCD flat screen TV mounted onto your wall.

Another method for successfully mounting an LCD flat screen to your wall includes the use of studs. While brackets are generally more preferred than studs, studs will allow your TV to be placed against a wall without any space between the wall and TV, allowing for a more modern solution.

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