DStv can work on your fiber connection because MultiChoice has introduced a fiber-based signal distribution system that is specifically designated for DStv customers either living in complexes, estates, or apartments.

MultiChoice makes use of a centralized satellite dish to distribute a signal to different homes by using a fiber network, which furthermore assures households that it is possible to use a fiber connection to watch DStv.

This particular service works perfectly with DStv Explore, as well as single-view HD decoders and Explora decoders. Additionally, it allows households to use both Showmax and Catch Up Plus while connected to the internet.

DStv works with fiber by using MultiChoice’s fiber distribution system, which makes use of a satellite signal that gets turned into an optical signal and is distributed over a fiber network.

This is done in two different ways:

  1. Making use of a dedicated fiber line for the signal and DStv data to run on a separate fiber.
  2. 2. By using a video overlay to run both the DStv signal and data on its own using a single fiber line.

Both these methods are effective and don’t affect the internet speed or impact data usage, including IPTV solutions. For a better understanding, the video overlay systems also work by distributing signals from communal antennas that are typically hidden from the view on the roof for every home. This is usually done to prevent affecting data usage or the speed of DStv channels. Using fiber for DStv is considered a very modern and helpful solution as it allows homes to watch DStv without using a satellite dish.

MultiChoice has reported that this fiber system is compatible with most of the current DStv decoders, but may not be compatible with some of the outdated versions.

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