Have you ever come across an error on your television searching for channels on your DStv that says, ‘Internal Server Error’?

This popular error, also more commonly known as error 500 occurs often and may suggest that you’ve encountered some type of misconfiguration or internal error, which is why you are not able to complete your request. It will then suggest you contact your service administrator to inform them about the time and what you did before the error occurred. It will also suggest that you can find alternative reasons why the error occurred and how to fix it in the server error log.

If this error displays, the last thing you want to do is call your service provider unless you have to.

If you come across error 500, it means that something is wrong and needs to be addressed for you to continue with what it is you wanted to do.

What the Error Means and How to Fix it Fast

Should this error display an HTTP status code of 500, you should know that the 500 Error code refers to a generic message appearing that something unexpected may have happened.

You can fix this yourself by simply refreshing your DStv decoder. However, if that doesn’t work and the error persists, you can log out and log back in. If that doesn’t work and the issue is not resolved, you should contact your DStv provider for assistance as you may be experiencing a technical or network issue. With one of these issues, your DStv service provider is likely to send one of their technicians to visit your home to fix the problem.

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