The DIY on Installing your Own DSTV Dish

While it’s always better to get a team of experts or single professional, to install your DSTV dish and set it up for success, there is no harm in doing it yourself. In fact, learning to do it yourself will probably be beneficial for you as that professional won’t be around all the time in case something goes wrong or if your dish ever needs to be adjusted.

Besides, sometimes doing yourself, will give you more assurance that it be done correctly, even if you’re just checking whether the professional does it right.

How to install a DSTV dish yourself

Step one – Mount the dish properly

  • When you receive your DSTV dish, you will notice that it comes with four cement screws. The first step will be to drill four holes into the base of the antenna mast, relevant to the mounting location, which will need an unobstructed view pointing to the Eastern part of the sky. You will then screw these cement screws into the drilled holes.
  • Once you’ve inserted the screws into the holes, you will place the dish’s antenna assembly on top of its mast. Be sure to pay attention to the centre of the mast that needs to be clamped on the posterior of the dish, as well as align with the top part of the mast’s pole. Now you must tighten the two screws onto the clamp of the mast, for it to remain securely in place.
  • Take the RG-6 coaxial cable and plug it into the relevant part of the dish, which after you plug the other end into the port of the decoder, also known as the satellite receiver, connected to your television.

Step two – Align the DSTC dish correctly

  • Make use of a sat meter to point the dish in the correct direction.
  • Correct the elevation, which is adjustable on the side. You will see degree markers. The best would be to mark it between 36 and 39 degrees.
  • By having a look at the dish, adjust the LNB to point at 4 O’clock. Keep testing it for optimal signal quality.

Step three – Ensure stability and enjoy

  • Be sure to use something as simple as cable ties to keep the cables on your wall as it won’t wear out.
  • Finally, switch on your television, your decoder and enjoy some top-quality entertainment.

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