The best thing about DStv compared to whatever it was we had before, is the fact that you get to enjoy a variety of channels.

Of course, depending on your preference and how much you’re willing to pay for a package, the number of channels made available to you all depends on how much you’re willing to pay for it. People also tend to gravitate to more diverse packages that include everything from sports channels to news, animated, adventure, travel, movie channels, and more.

To gain access to more channels, all you have to do is upgrade to the next level of the DStv packages in South Africa.

If you’re not sure about which shows get showcased on the different DStv packages, you can find out by checking the DStv guide on the various listed packages. You can display different channels and their programs on your DStv guide, along with the times shows start.

DStv Packages to Suit Your Budget and Channel Needs

  • DStv EasyView – 30+ channels – R29
  • DStv Access – 55+ channels – R105
  • DStv Family – 75+ channels – R265
  • DStv Compact – 100+ channels – R399
  • DStv Compact Plus – 115+ channels – R519
  • DStv Premium – 135+ channels – R809

Before you choose a package, you should first check your DStv package, which can be done by registering on the self-service dashboard of DStv’s official website. You should then create an account by entering your smartcard number and login to your account.

By checking your package first, you can see which channels you have and then check DStv Guide to see which you would like to add to your list of channels.

DStv has perfectly curated each of their plans, which includes the perfect set of channels for different members of the family, making it easier for you to choose a package and also, not having to settle for the most expensive one.

Before you make payment for a package, ensure it’s the one you want.

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